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15 آوریل 2019

Undoubtedly, profile links have become one of the most popular ways for search engine optimization of a web site. However, what is this kind of links actually like? And is it good or bad to be used for SEO? These are all important questions but very few people, even the so called SEO experts seem to be aware of the answer. In order to understand the power of  Profile links , Foam Profiles Manufacturers you should understand the impact created by link building towards the reputation or the visibility of your website. These links boost your search ranking or SERP and give you a well placed position in the first page of Google.

Now lets discuss in detail about the link strength. Basically,  Profile links are links of very popular websites which a person who run less popular site uses. This results in better ranking for the website and therefore, the SEO is more effective and efficient. So, it could be definitely claimed that the use of this sort of links will contribute to the website’s search engine optimizations. But is the use of these links legal? This question comes logically since it is obvious that everyone could use profile links of poplar websites having good reputation so as to achieve better SEO. Yes, it really doesn’t seem fair because this way everyone could take advantage of the reputable websites which achieved high ranking and their links are known as “high PR”. Well, the whole activity is not illegal at all! It is completely allowed either by the law or the search engines’ rules. Anyway, there is something else.

The use of high PR links could be legal but is it actually moral? There are thousands of websites out there who built their reputation and high PR with no actual merit; they have built their reputation entirely on the back of other reputable websites. Obviously, it is not fair! It is not fair but when it comes to money, everything is allowed and there are no moral barriers. Basically, choosing profile links or not is a decision made by the website’s owner and nobody else! But the truth is that they will definitely contribute to the website’s welfare.

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